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If you've ever questioned God, if you've ever been denied, if you've ever wondered how you can believe again, then this story is your story. 


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Be Mighty!

Live Life Offline

Because That's What Heroes Do

Live Life Offline

We post about everything: what we eat, where we travel, who we’re with, what we’re watching, where we’re staying, how we woke up. #wokeuplikethis  

It’s absolutely fine to post about these nowadays. It’s the current way to connect with our friends in an instant and make us feel updated with each other’s lives. I love it when I see a friend and we don’t need to ask what’s up with our lives then wait for a long narrative update. We’d just simply take off talking about what we last saw each other post about themselves online.  

Unfortunately, however, many a time we find ourselves “manufacturing the scene” in an effort to show the universe a better, more post-worthy version of our life. What would actually make us appear better than we actually are. Nicer than we actually are. Cuter than we actually are. Happier than we actually are. That instead of posting about what we actually do, we do things differently so that we can post about it and impress people.  

My suggestion? LIVE LIFE OFFLINE. Live life not to post about it. Live it to live it. Find joy, happiness, and fulfillment in true experiences, relationships, and encounters. Then you’ll truly have something to post about coz it’ll not come from a manufactured life but a true one. 

It’s not all about the LIKES. It should be all about LIFE. 


Because That's What Heroes Do

Live Life Offline

My grandfather is the epitome of a man of integrity. He worked his way up from lawyer to fiscal to judge to justice to eventually Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. But I think he's one of the few Justices who takes tricycles and commutes to work, who doesn't have a bodyguard, and who has the cleanest reputation (I remember all "gifts" are refused at the gate).   

He told me one time that there was a case he was prosecuting as a lawyer against a top-level politician. After the hearing, as he was waiting for a bus at the curb, the car of the politician stopped in front of him. He nervously grabbed his rosary in his pocket as his prayer for protection. But the politician just looked at him, nodded and the car sped off. He knew he had nothing on my Lolo because my Lolo didn't fabricate anything in the case and he did his job fairly and truthfully.   

Live a good life, and evil fears you.   

No OPPRESSION, no SPIRITUAL ATTACK can win if "your house is clean." Living a good life is the best weapon against any attack.    

Don't fear the devil, let the devil fear you because of God's goodness in you!  

Because That's What Heroes Do

Because That's What Heroes Do

Because That's What Heroes Do

I soooooo love the new THOR: RAGNAROK movie! Watch it! (Go ahead... Watch it now... I'll wait...).   

I soooooo love that when Thor would do something heroic and others would ask why he'd do it, he'd smile and say "BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT HEROES DO". Lodi!   

I love it that our Saints are our true Heroes of Faith. I'm soooooo sure that if you ask any of them why they do what they do for the Lord, they'd smile and say "BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT OUR HERO WOULD DO". And they'd point to Jesus.   

Let's not just be good people, not just be generous people, not just be kind people. LET'S BE HEROIC! Let's change the world by being the change the world needs.   

Rise up, Mighty Saints!  

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